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July 8, 2009
It Was the Best of Times it Was the Worst of Times.  But Mostly the Best.

It Was the Best of Tourneys it Was the Worst of Tourneys. But Mostly the Worst.

Hello friends, how have you all been?  It’s been a busy week for me so let’s get caught up with some fun old sports talk.

Did you know there is a sport called “tennis“?  Yes, it’s true and people play it!  The Golf Exec and G Slim entered the doubles draw of the Santa Barbara Open and finished with a respectable (not respectable) 0-2 mark.  In fairness the matches were closer than the final score indicates (which is not close at all) as they dropped both in a semi-heartbreaking third set tiebreak.  Whatever, the good news is both JB and GS were in Santa Barbara for a few days (with their assorted girlfriends), plus a MEXECUTIONER sighting, and that is good times for one and all.

I have been enjoying this website lately.  Want to know what direction home plate is oriented in all of the stadiums?  Want to know the high/low cost of tickets at each park?  Question answered.  Oh, and Bloc Party released a new single (of course they did.  Never have so few done so much for so many) which isn’t out yet but the video is over here.  Try to get the piano bit out of your head.

And how about Manny coming back mad?  In the first game back against the Pads Manny was nipped at first on a sick play by Elbreth Everth Cabrera (that guy is going to be good, defensively at least) and jawed with the first base ump for a while and then he got tossed yesterday after arguing a third-strike call that looked to be away.  I thought going on Roids was supposed to make you more upset but apparently coming off of them is no day in the park either.

What does a guy have to do to get some surf around here?  I don’t think there has been one single wave break in Santa Barbara for like three months.  I don’t even remember how to surf anymore.

And finally, a vote for Matt Kemp is a vote for my fantasy team(s).  And that goes for Chone Figgins too.

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