The NBA is back. Happy holidays, fans

November 26, 2011

Kobe Bryant wants you ... to watch the NBA again

The NBA. Coming soon, December 25.

A deal has been reached and 66 games have been saved. NBA bloggers (including yours truly) can return to blogging about how J.R. Smith is a lazy fool and if Andrew Bynum can be a superstar. No longer do we have to mention the word “lockout” in a blog post (unless the context goes like, “Ha! Lockout? Never again”). No more BRI splits, no more 15-hour-long meetings in which we have to keep refreshing tweets of those in the know of the talks. None of that, for at least another few years.

Sixty-six games are coming our way, meaning the tender, juicy meat of the NBA season is going to be during a time where there’s no football to distract us from the second-best sport on the planet (to these eyes, at least). Sixty-six games that arena workers can find themselves employed in, and 66 games of questioning the notion that LeBron James is “the guy.”

The story lines, the drama, all of it. It’s back.

It couldn’t have started at a better time, either: Christmas day tends to be a huge day for the NBA, as it gets a ton of viewership with football stepping aside for once during its season.

We can worry about the implications of the deal later. Eventually, we’ll discuss the system issues implemented in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and we’ll also begin to speculate and rumorize (is that a word?) about player movement, from free agency to blockbuster trades.

But for now, NBA fans, let’s just soak in the joy of having one of the most exciting sports re-enter our lives.

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One Response to The NBA is back. Happy holidays, fans

  1. BallHyped on November 26, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    One more thing to be thankful for this week. About time.

    Have I mentioned JR Smith is lazy? And do you think Andrew Bynum can finally break through and become a superstar?

    Game on. Get Hyped!

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