World Juniors Semifinal Showdown

January 4, 2012

For those hockey fans that are out of the loop when it comes to the World Juniors, here is an update on what teams are going to make it out alive.  Early last night at the Scotiabank Battledome the final four battled it out for a spot in the most anticipated game of the competition. The Gold Medal game.

First Sweden and Finland took to the ice in a neighboring country battle for the spot, with Sweden becoming the victor in the end.  This game had fans on the edge of their seat, as it appeared in the last remaining minutes of play that Finland was going to take the spot to play for the Gold.  Sweden’s Max Friberg was not about to let that happen when he scored the goal to tie the game with less than two minutes of play left. This forced the two Scandinavian teams into an overtime period that led to a shootout, in which Friberg again salvaged his home team’s chances by winning the shootout competition.

With Finland downed to the bronze level and Sweden with the exciting chance to get the gold this year, it all came down to the game against Canada and Russia.  To say this game was interesting is an understatement. The first forty minutes of play in this game resulted in a full on assault of the Canadian goalpost, as Team Russia continued to shot puck after puck into Canada’s goal. Russia dominated the ice in the beginning two thirds of the game scoring 6 goals to Canada’s lone one after the first two periods of play. But this is Canada’s game, they were not about to go down without a fight.

Down, but not out, Team Canada managed to bring the fight back to the ice despite the five goal deficit and did manage to score four more goals, turning this  game into a 5-6 hockey game.  It was amazing that Canada was able to come back so strong in the final period, but it was evident that they had not been playing 60 minutes of hockey like the fast paced Russian Team was. In the end the Canadian team was unable to come out of the game with a win, as Russia was able to prevent this from becoming a tie game, as they won with the final score of 5-6.

Canada will get the chance to win at least the bronze medal tomorrow night if they are able to defeat Team Finland who was also eliminated from the chance for the gold. Following the Bronze Medal Game, Russia and Sweden will battle it out one last time on the ice to see who gets the gold.

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