No Perfect Brackets on ESPN, Yahoo after Opening Round

March 16, 2012
no perfect brackets espn yahoo

Not the only imperfect one on ESPN or Yahoo!

So how’s your bracket looking after all those upsets in today’s NCAA Tournament?

I know I’m ready to shred my NCAA Tournament bracket, along with my iPhone and my Yahoo Tourney app.

But it sounds like the bracket fillers over on are in the same boat.

According to ESPN, there are no perfect brackets in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge after the first round of the NCAA Tournament, thanks to a pair of 15-seeds in Lehigh and Norfolk State who came up with historic upsets on Friday.

That means that out of 6.45 million brackets entered on, none of the users went 32-0 after the opening round.

In fact, only four users got 30 of the 32 games right, and those four frontrunners are tied for first going into the second round this weekend.

And if you’re wondering, ESPN reports that President Obama’s bracket is in the 97th percentile after the opening round, picking 24 of 32 games correctly.

As for yours truly, I went with Yahoo! and am second in my pool and in the 80th percentile overall with 22 correct picks, so I have my work cut out for me over the remainder of the tournament. Not that sitting in 630,840th place is a bad place to be (down 300,980 spots from a day earlier!).

But I know the same can be said for anyone else who isn’t a Lehigh and Norfolk State fan.

Overall in the Yahoo! bracket, it looks like nobody is perfect and only 2 of 3.17 million users have 30 correct picks after the first round.

All of which means that out of more than 9.6 million brackets submitted on ESPN, and Yahoo!, not one user went perfect through the first round and only six are as good as 30-2 through the first two days.

Talk about madness.

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