A-Rod’s Future? Yankees’ Problems Won’t End There

October 22, 2012

At one point, Alex Rodriguez was indeed “untouchable”. Not only was he the unquestioned money man in the sport and in all of sports, he seemed to baseball’s heir to every career home run record. Then his on personal doomsday seemed to transpire.

Rodriguez got tied into the steroid era in all of the wrong ways. Not only did his name appear on the list of “anonymous” players who tested positive for PEDs in 2003. Soon after, he came out and admitted details of his use.

Since then, A-Rod has moved into the 600 home run club and did have one great postseason, where he was awarded the Hank Aaron award. What’s also happened since then, is an obvious diminish in skills. Father time has caught up with Mr. Rodriguez and it seems that he is finally not worth that enormous contract. For the Yankees, it has to pose a certain question that only the Yankees can pose.

Are the Yankees going to pay someone to take A-Rod? Lets analyze that for just a second. Its obvious that he can’t contribute to his previous standards. In fact, he now has new standards. If Alex can get a team 20 homers and 75-80 RBI he will be a good asset to anyone but the Yankees. They need more and won’t be able to get it from him.

Sure, there will be teams that will be glad to take a free 20/75, but is A-Rod really that bad? We all know about his postseason troubles but he was nowhere near the only player to have troubles this playoffs. In fact, Cano was worse. To answer that question, for what he is owed he is beyond that bad! Kobe’s thoughts about A-Rod “forgetting how great he is” could be right. However, maybe A-Rod is the only one who realizes how far he is from great. Maybe going to a mediocre franchise will do him some good.

It doesn’t seem that his defense has diminished enough to insist he play DH every night. With that notion, he could still fit in well with most American League teams. If they truly want to get rid of him, the Yanks can find a spot for him somewhere. Especially if they are going to take on most of his salary. A-Rod will probably finish his career out for someone other than the Yankees. The issue for the Yankees will not be finding a home, but actually replacing him. Basically, their problems will not end by sending him out of town.

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