NHL Lockout in full effect

October 26, 2012

So…the NHLPA dropped the ball on getting this Collective Bargaining agreement signed. After the league & its owners offered the 50/50 split proposal the player’s association insisted on arguing for their initial proposal. From EARLIER THIS SUMMER! So clearly that didn’t work and talks of negotiations come to a screening halt. Again.

Is anyone else getting deja vu from the last lockout?

So after the NHLPA rejected the league’s proposal the announcement for October’s games being cancelled was made, which was pretty obvious to everyone since it’s the end of the month. More recently the league has already went ahead and cancelled next month’s games. Perhaps in an attempt to scare the NHLPA into making a deal and soon.

All parties are upset in this situation. The Fans, the NHL as a whole and the player’s association because no one is getting what they want. But the loyal fans shouldn’t be the ones to have to suffer and they shouldn’t have to not get  to watch their favorite teams play the game they love.

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