Kings Announcer Dies

November 30, 2012

Credit: LA Kings/AP

It’s a bad time to be a hockey fan right now with the lockout still ongoing. They have even brought in a mediator without any success, so fans are still disappointed.  It’s an even worse time to be an LA Kings fans.

Not only has their fan momentum dropped since the lockout ( not surprisingly) but the Kings haven’t really gotten to enjoy bragging rights this season since they haven’t played since they won the cup.In recent news even more bad news has come to the forefront. Their PA announcer David Courtney died yesterday. He was only 56.

Courtney had been actively involved with the organization since he was 14. He did move to Houston for a few years but after that he returned to LA and had been actively involved as the public address announcer not only with the Kings but with the Clippers and the Angels as well.

Courtney was with the Kings through the dark years  but he was able to announce their win last season as they were presented the Stanley Cup. Courtney was far too young and his passing will definitely have an affect on the Kings organization whenever this lockout mess ends.

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