NFL Power Rankings: Houston, We Have Parity

November 14, 2012

This year has been a great season so far for the NFL. The parity is at the peak from what I can have ever remembered. This has made this season one of the most intriguing seasons that I can remember. Considering, let’s go through my Power Rankings so far for the entire league:

1)      Houston Texans: The Texans might be the most balanced team in the NFL. With their elite running game, and their elite talent on the defense, it will be hard to match up with them. If you can, Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub are begging for a NFL team to give them a reason to drop fifty on them through the air.

2)      Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have some scare points on the defensive side of the ball, but Joe Flacco has grown as a quarterback. This team will go as far as their offense will lead them, a different idea than years past for them.

3)      Atlanta Falcons: OK, so the Saints got them in New Orleans. Was that shocking? No. Atlanta is a great team at home, and Matt Ryan is having a great season so far. I would love to see the running game be better, and the defense to do better against the run. Overall, the defense is forcing turnovers, and the offense is not turning the ball over. This make a winning team

4)      Chicago Bears: Big lost this week at home, but it was to Houston. The Bears might be the scariest team in the NFL. I just hope Cutler is not out long.

5)      San Francisco 49ers: The defense is amazing. Probably the best in the league. Do we really trust Alex Smith to play at this level all year though? History tells us no.

6)      Denver Broncos: Denver might be the scariest team in the league. Peyton looks great with his young wide receivers. Oh, and might I remind you that they have the easiest schedule remaining?

7)      New England Patriots: Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck. Do I need to say more

8)      Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rogers is having a good season, but the Packers have to form some form of running game in order to rise up this chart.

9)      Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck has taken the league by storm. He will be the best quarterback in the NFL within the next two years.

10)   Pittsburgh Steelers: The defense is old. The offense is injured. I don’t like the upside in the steel city.

11)   Seattle Seahawks: This make shift defense has been amazing. For all of the insults Pete Carroll has taken, he built a great team. I am looking forward to see what Russell Wilson will do for the rest of the season.

12)   New York Giants: Hakeem Nicks needs to start playing. He has the most upside on the offense.

13)   Tampa Bay Buccaneers: If there is a definition of overachieving, the Bucs have it. Doug Martin has been amazing, and I am looking forward to see what Josh Freeman will do for the rest of the season.

14)   New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees, is there anything more that needs to be said??

15)   Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson has solidified the fact that he is the best running back in the NFL. Maybe solidified himself as the best player in the NFL. Christian Ponder needs to be more consistent in order to climb up the big board.

16)   Detroit Lions: A lot of holes on the Lions team. It has been nice to Calvin Johnson climb out of his shell, but can they establish a consistent running game?

17)   Cincinnati Bengals: AJ Green has proven himself to be one of the three best wide outs in the league. Can he get some help from anyone to make a jump?

18)   Miami Dolphins: Miami started out hot with Reggie Bush. The last few weeks they have been relying on the passing game, which is scary with how young their quarterback is.

19)   Tennessee Titans: The Titans are molding. I am interested to see what this team looks like when they are healthy. Chris Johnson seems to finally be breaking out of his shell. The defense is getting better. Now if the passing game can become consistent, the Titans might be a team to be afraid of.

20)   Dallas Cowboys:  Tony Romo is still an elite quarterback, can he get help?

21)   Washington Redskins: RG3 is the biggest threat in the NFL. If any defense does not account for him, and all of his skill sets, Washington will win that game.

22)   San Diego Chargers: The Chargers are missing the big play threat. Ryan Matthews needs to stay healthy for them to be relevant.

23)   St. Louis Rams: They still need to solidify an elite wide receiver. Amandola is good, but not someone a team wants to center their passing game around.

24)   Arizona Cardinals: Where is the offense? Outside of Larry Fitzgerald, it is nowhere to be found.

25)   Philadelphia Eagles: I can’t believe I bought into the hype. Nothing seems to be going right in Phili.

26)   Buffalo Bills: They are still young and growing. Fred Jackson is a good running back, but CJ Spiller needs to become a feature back in order for the team to get over the hump.

27)   Oakland Raiders: Carson Palmer has been a quarterback that would make this team relevant. If only Darren McFadden could stay healthy.

28)   New York Jets: Just bring out Tim Tebow. Sanchez is not a good quarterback and neither is Tebow, but at least Tebow will sell some tickets.

29)   Cleveland Browns: Very young, and building towards the future. Has Cleveland heard that before?

30)   Carolina Panthers: Carolina is built around the running game, but the running game is not effective. This has made Cam Newton’s life miserable.

31)   Jacksonville Jaguars: They have a pulse. They just need MJD to get healthy.

32)   Kansas City: No quarterback, no elite wide receiver, no defense, then this team does not have a prayer for the rest of the season.


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