NHL Cancels Winter Classic

November 7, 2012

Hockey is unfortunately STILL in a lockout, and things are continuing to look bad. Recently the league decided to cancel the Winter Classic, which was set to take place at Michigan State (the biggest venue to date). The NHL stated that the event will not be completely canceled, but it will not occur this year, but rather next season.

The good news is that the NHL and the player’s association finally agreed to meet again to try, once again, to come to an agreement. They met again yesterday and today but nothing is going to be announced until they conclude meeting.

The Winter Classic is a huge event and takes months to prepare, so it is understandable that with no new CBA why the league decided to cancel this special game. The only problem is that because this game is in January, it leads us to believe that we’re just waiting for them to cancel the month of December.

So is there any end in sight? Honestly, right now it’s looking kind of bleak.

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