Seriously, just stick to the AHL

November 30, 2012

The NHL is STILL in a lockout. Raise your hand if you’re a frustrated fan. Which is probably everyone.

Most of the “news” we have been hearing about the negotiations isn’t really news. By which, nothing is really happening. The NHLPA and the owners continue to talk, and talk, and disagree but nothing has resolved yet. It’s almost December and no NHL hockey has been played yet.  Which is sad and gives fans a lot of bad deja vu from the 2004-2005 season.

The most recent news about the negotiations is that since the two sides cannot come to an agreement, they have brought in federal mediators to push them to an agreement. It’s probably not surprising to disappointed fans that bringing in the Feds did not work either.

So nothing occurred but the league has offered to get rid of the formalities of negotiations by allowing the players and the owners to try to talk this out without the presence of union or league representations. Good or bad idea? Well first it actually has to happen and then we’ll find out.

For now hockey fans, focus on the minors. It’s pretty much all we have left.

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