NHL Season still not happening

December 22, 2012

Don’t freak out fans, the cancellation of the NHL hockey season has not been officially announced but it’s honestly only a matter of time.  If you can sift through all the legalese in the NHLPA and NHL statements you’ll find that absolutely nothing has been happening. They continue to fight about money and now it may lead to a long drawn out legal battle.

The NHLPA had the players vote this week on a disclaimer of interest which would allow them to dissolve the union. They voted yes which means the players have given the executive board of the union authority to file a lawsuit against the NHL claiming that the lockout is illegal.

They tried to do this with pleas to the Alberta and Quebec labor boards but were rejected. The Labor boards was supposed to have a hearing but they were postponed early in December when it looked like a deal was going to go through.

The NHLPA have not filed the claim yet but the NHL have preemptively filed a counter claim and a complaint of unfair labor practices. So it is clear that they are going to continue to duke it out in the courts system and never reach a deal.


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