RGIII Fined for Wearing Adidas Gear? Really?

December 19, 2012

After the game against the Ravens during week 14, RGIII came out to the post -game press conference dressed in an Adidas sweat suit. Nike is the official uniform supplier of the NFL this year and apparently that means that you are not allowed to show any sort of logo on your clothes besides the Nike swoosh. For this the NFL fined RGIII $10,000 freaking dollars!

Since when is wearing what you want to wear a crime? I know it may date me a little bit, but I feel like quoting Chevy Chase from Caddyshack. “Is this Russia? This isn’t Russia.” I just can’t believe that this guy is getting fined for this. After all the crap that has been going on in the NFL off the field the past few weeks it is beyond ridiculous for one of the most stand up players in the NFL to be fined over something so preposterously trivial.

Now I know that Nike probably pays the NFL a ridiculous amount of money for them to produce the uniforms, but this wasn’t even during a game. It was a post-game interview! What I don’t understand is that almost everybody that does post-game interviews usually wears a suit or something dressy. You really don’t see a lot of players coming to the podium decked out in Nike gear. I do happen to know that RGIII is sponsored by Adidas and he has come out in Nike gear with tape covering the infamous swoosh. So coming out in Adidas gear may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Two questions come to mind in this situation. Was it the NFL that decided to fine him or was it Nike that demanded the NFL fine him? And did RGIII consciously come out wearing Adidas gear or was it a simple accident? Personally, I think it was Nike that demanded that he be fined. I think that the NFL front office could probably care less. In fact, I bet it pained them to fine one their best role-model players. Unfortunately, contractual obligations probably didn’t give him much of a choice. I also believe that RGIII came out after the game that he missed the end of wearing an Adidas sweat suit because he needed to wear something loose and he just flat out didn’t care.

I will tell you this. I hope that Adidas pays that $10,000; because this whole story is giving Adidas more publicity than if Nike and the NFL just left the whole thing alone. Maybe, now the NFL can put more of a focus on the important things like helping their players with mental illness and teaching them how to deal with sudden fame and coming into large sums of money and knowing how to deal with it. It seems to me that Robert Griffin III is one of the few players that have come into the league that actually gets it. So far he has kept his nose clean and he doesn’t spout off in interviews or on Twitter and for that he is one of the last people in the league that should have to deal with fines.

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