Peyton or Luck: Right Decision Made

January 4, 2013

Given the Colts and Broncos are both in the playoffs and both got double digit wins this season, will anyone go out on a limb and for surely that Irsay and the Colts made the right decision? Here is why you cannot, at this point.

A lot can happen this weekend and throughout the remainder of the playoffs. The fact is that the Colts did exceed expectations and get in this year’s postseason. The uncertain thing is how far they will go. Almost nobody expects them to hoist Lombardi but lets not even go that far.

I suppose the question should be where would this Colts team be if this Peyton (who seems to be just as awesome as the Peyton we came to know) was still with wearing his blue and white #18 jersey.

A lot like Peyton’s first year, Luck had a high number of turnovers. This Peyton seems to rarely do that these days. Would those turnovers or the lack there of result in at least 2 or 3 more wins?

Irrelevant? That is all possible. What cannot be overlooked is the fact that Peyton is still playing at an MVP level and we can assume he will be there for the remainder of his time in Denver. The question is will Luck get better or digress?

We know that defenses will have a whole offseason to watch film and prepare for Andrew better next season than they have this season. There is a term known as “sophomore slump” for a reason.

While Luck has had a stellar inaugural season, he will still have to improve on the 76.5 rating and the aforementioned turnovers. That will be quite difficult if his OC Bruce Arians skips town for a head coaching gig. Alex Smith can relate to how difficult the difficult changing offensive coordinators can be.

Many will like to wait until the offseason to have this debate, but few are looking at the possibility that the Colts could be heading into Denver next weekend with a bid to the conference championship on the line.

The outcome of that game can go to say a lot about if the Colts made the right decision. Thats if it happens, of course. The biggest say in it will ultimately come to the play Andrew Luck within the next couple of seasons. We know what we’re going to get out of Peyton. Always been consistent and will be until he retires.

Lets remember, there was a time where we questioned if the Packers made the right decision when not allowing Favre to return from his 1st retirement. Hardly anybody even brings that move up now. If Luck is going to duplicate that type of success, he might want to adopt the word consistency. Will be rather hard to be Manning, but being close will good enough.

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