“Money” Mayweather vs Canelo: Why I Dislike

June 1, 2013

The boxing world has been trying to put Manny Pacquiao in the ring with Floyd Mayweather for a number of years now. I think the consensus of fans realize its probably not going to happen, which lead some to trying to figure out the next best fight to get “Money” his first loss. Thats where Saul “Canelo” Alvarez came into the picture.

The hard hitting Mexican fighter brings a level of excitement to a Mayweather fight that hasn’t been seen in a while. Without question he will be the hardest and most dynamic puncher Floyd has faced in recent memory and possibly the biggest, as well. With all of that being said, I still dislike this fight at this juncture and I have several reasons for having that dislike.

For starters, Canelo has a bunch of power. Yes, Canelo’s power is a reason I’m disliking the fight. Not solely because he “punches George Foreman”, to quote Roy Jones Jr. from an HBO telecast. More so because I think I’ve watched enough of Floyd to know he’s too smart to allow himself to be tagged too many times by that power.

I’d look for Floyd to make it somewhat of a boring fight. Yes Floyd is an entertainer, but outside of the ring. Inside of the ring he is a pure boxer. Not a “boxer/puncher” but a pure boxer. He’s going to use the whole ring, distance, and his speed to be sure Canelo doesn’t get close to him. Expect some boos from the Vegas crowd if Floyd takes this strategy.

Another reason I’m not a fan of this fight is Canelo’s lack of head movement. Sure, he seemed to show improvement during the Trout fight but he still got hit a bunch. I think we all know that there is a difference between getting out of the way of Trout’s punches and Floyd’s. If Trout is as quick as a hiccup, Floyd is literally as quick as an eye twitch…don’t blink, Canelo.

I’m sure Canelo will try and put some Margarito like pressure on Floyd, but we see how that has gotten people. With Canelo essentially having the head movement of your resident gargoyle statue, I’m not sure how smart that would be.

Lastly, I’m afraid for the Floyd mystique after the fight. Not the mystique of his in-ring abilities or physical condition but I am afraid for his ability to have a big fight. I know that probably sounds a bit preposterous, but let me explain.

Upon making this fight, Floyd essentially had to give the fans “the fight they wanted to see”. Basically, fans want the best guy in there that gives Floyd his best chance of losing. After Canelo (which I do believe Canelo has somewhat of a shot), is there anyone out there? Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of young fighters out there that I like a lot but none with enough skill to actually beat Floyd in a 12 round match.

If Canelo is the last hope for fans to see Mayweather at his ppv best (by best I mean being in the ring with suitable competition) then they might want to hope for Floyd to lose because a rematch with the 1 guy that beat him would blow off the ppv ceiling. However, that may not happen and it may not look good for boxing ppvs afterward.

There are a bunch of guys that Golden Boy could throw in the fray for Floyd’s next 4 fights after a possible Canelo decision but if one isn’t them reaching into Top Rank’s dealings for a Pacquiao bout then I’m afraid those last 4 fights could be meaningless.

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